Service parts

Design databases or complete SQL Server estates

Designing databases and developing proper code is one of the things we’re very good at. En above that we also know the way SQL Server acts together with other processes. We’ll be able to make a proper design for your SQL Server estate.

Migration of databases and databaseservers, also to and from Azure



Whatever your issue with SQLServer, we’ll be there to help you!

Service and maintenancecontract

We’ll take care of your databases so you can focus on your core-business.


We are 24/7 standby to help you solve issues with SQL Server or to answer questions of your team.


We check the design of your database, we monitor the current performance and will suggest improvements. If you want us to, we can implement the suggested changes too.


We check the configuration and performance of the SQL Server setup. If requested we also check the underlying systems.


We will investigate the issues you report and try to find the root cause. Together with you we’ll find out both the proper solution and the optimal way to implement it; most of the time issues are not related to just the database and you know your business and applications best.

Remote management and monitoring

We monitor your databaseservers and will perform proactive databasemanagement if you like. We work together with your own staff because they know your company and policy like nobody else. We also train them when requested and with all this we will make sure the number and impact of incidents will decrease significantly.