Who/what is SQLSupport

We are

  • A group of independent SQL Specialists working together
  • Seasoned SQL Server DBA’s and developers
  • 24/7 available to answer questions from our clients
  • Unique in the way we work


Our team

We know SQL Server from start to finish, and can help you solving and preventing problems. The SQL Server Suite consists of more than the database-engine. We also know a lot of the other services in the suite, e.g. SSIS, SSRS and SSAS.

We have a lot of knowledge of the ‘surrounding’ systems like the operating system, storage solutions and virtualization. But we also have experience in connecting to Sharepoint, Biztalk and .Net applications. Because of all this we are a good sparring partner for members of other specialist-teams, and together we’ll make your databases roar.

We have a great sense of responsibility. We try to take a step back so we can see the whole picture and not just the issue that is reported. That way we will be invaluable for good management of your data. We help you to make your databases future-proof and suggest ways to improve the performance. We deliver high quality and continuity without a lot of overhead. We prefer short lines of communication and we know our customers and their working environment.

Freelance specialists

We are company that is surrounded by a team of independent specialists. Not all companies have budget or work for one or more database-specialists, but feel the need to manage and improve the current situation and to make sure the data is available when needed. The way we work makes it possible to help.

Another reason for us working as a team is that we get to work with other specialists, colleagues of us. In our own projects we usually are the only specialist. Working as SQLSupport gives us the opportunity to work together. We can exchange experiences and knowledge. This way the quality of our work improves noticably.

Thanks to our broad and lasting experience in using and working with SQL Server we know what can be encountered and we know what’s needed. We have both the knowledge, motivation and flexibility of independent specialists and the power of a team of like-minded specialists with each our own specialism and network. We deliver continuity en maintain a high level of support even when one of us is ill or absent.