Migration of databases and databaseservers, also to and from Azure

Many companies still use the older SQL Server versions. They are sometimes unaware of the risks that it causes and the support they no longer will get from Microsoft.

Migration to a new SQL version is necessary but that too may cause issues.
Happily it mostly brings a performance gain, but there may be some things that need to be done to achieve that.

And then there is Azure (or one of the other cloud offerings). There are so many options, and it may be hard to grasp what is the right solution for your databases. We know the different options and offerings and together with you we can find the best way to go with your databases.

We’ll make an analysis of the current situation and we’ll ask you what plans you have for the future of your business. Then together¬† we can make a roadmap and we’ll help and take the actions needed to achieve the goals defined.

Please contact us so we can make a plan!